Illamasqua Contest.... The Mystery Guest!

I'd like to create a strong, robot-like, a bit biomechanical guest. My vision was a harsh and cold character for balance the very colorful fairy banquet. My 'creature' is not a man or woman, I tried to keep away from anything too feminime or too manlike. I think sraight lines are more masculine and curves on the womanish side.
My inspiration was based on H.R.Giger's artwork.

Describe as a strange guest without a gender, not human, but it's among them, an android who knows everything and like to being an onserver from a dark shadowy corner. Its name is ZeHe.

I post 2 not photoshopped pictures and another - black an white - one which is photoshopped light handly.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Hi Monday - thanks so much for your entry to the Illamasqua-Mizzworthy-Muse contest - please keep an eye on the blog and the Muse YT channel for the results, and good luck!

  2. woah! So good. I love this entry.


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